Syria announced its withdrawal from the ceasefire

The command of the Syrian army announced its withdrawal from the ceasefire, the terms of which several months have agreed to the foreign Ministers of the USA and Russia, according to the Syrian Agency SANA.

“The Supreme command of the army and armed forces SAR stated that the announced September 12 on the basis of the Russian-American agreements, the cessation of hostilities (CBD) is completed. It was assumed that CBD will give a real chance to stop the bloodshed, but the terrorist group ignored the agreement without fulfilling any of his points, and broke the silence mode over 300 times,” — said in a statement.

While in Damascus, said that “the gangs used CBD to regroup and re-arm” and for “preparation of large-scale terrorist attacks in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Quneitra.

According to Reuters, in the city of Aleppo and nearby villages after the Declaration of Syria about the rejection of the ceasefire were attacked. The Agency refers to data from the London-based Syrian center for monitoring human rights. The Agency said that human rights defenders had no information that the Russian aircraft struck the blow.

The statement came a few hours after the chief of the main operational Directorate of the Russian General staff Sergey rudskoy said that the defense Ministry believes the senseless adherence to the Syrian government forces and ceasefire unilaterally. “Given that the conditions of the cessation of hostilities by militants are not met, we believe compliance unilaterally, the Syrian government forces is pointless,” he said.

In turn, the Syrian rebels declared that the ceasefire “almost failed”.

“The main consequence of the exit of the government from the regime of silence is the failure of the negotiation process,” says lecturer of the Department of political science school of Economics Leonid Isaev. According to him, a move Assad will also affect Russian-American agreements on Syria. “Kerry and Lavrov had in the near future to discuss the continuation of the truce, now it’ll look weird” — sums up Isaev. Another threat orientalist sees a possible violation of Syria-sharing arrangements flight zones. Kerry and Lavrov agreed earlier that the Syrian air force will not perform combat missions in the province of Aleppo and Idlib.

However, the exit of Syria from the truce does not mean that in the future the negotiation process will not be able to return, said the chief researcher of the Institute of Oriental studies Irina Zvyagelskaya. “Maybe the government is trying to dramatize the situation, to achieve the pressure on the opposition from the United States,” — said the expert.

On 17 September, the aircraft of the US coalition airstrike on Syrian army positions near the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. According to the American side, the US planes had intended to attack the positions of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist organization banned in Russia). In particular, the aircraft was intended to strike at the tanks of the IG. The airstrike had killed at least 80 Syrian soldiers.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called on military airstrike in Syria “a terrible accident”. The US government admitted his guilt and said that the strike was in error. The attack stopped after the U.S. military received information from Russia.

The Pentagon called the impact of unintentional and promised to investigate the causes of the incident. The White house expressed regret in connection with the death of the Syrian military. The administration official also noted that the United States will continue to enforce the agreements on the ceasefire and continues to carry out military operations against ISIS and support al-Qaeda groups in Syria (both organizations are banned in Russia).

Package of Russian-American agreements of five papers was approved on 9 September following the results of negotiations of heads of foreign policy departments of Russia and the USA Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry in Geneva, which lasted almost 15 hours. The plan came into force on 12 September.

The parties have declared that the documents will not be published for reasons of security. Washington refused to give documents to the UN Security Council. The security Council can play an important role in resolving the conflict in Syria, however, revealing the Russian-American agreement, you can endanger their implementation followed from the statements by the permanent representative of the USA at the UN.