The defense Ministry told about the mortar setting near the convoy in Syria

The Ministry of defence, demonstrating the shooting of the Russian drone from the scene of the attack on the humanitarian convoy in Syria, reported new details of the incident. As told journalists the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, the footage shows that the convoy was accompanied by the car of the terrorists with mortar.

Footage of Russian UAV was shown on Tuesday evening, the TV channel “Russia 1”, informs “RIA Novosti”.

“The analysis of videos from drones last movement of humanitarian convoys through territory controlled by the rebels Aleppo province has allowed to reveal new details. The video clearly shows, as with this convoy of terrorists throw a pickup truck with attached mortar of large caliber”, — quotes Agency the words Konashenkov.

“It is unclear, however, who it covers: mortar — a convoy of volunteers, “white helmets” or Vice versa? And most importantly, where did the mortar at the destination of the motorcade and who was shooting during Parking and unloading?” — said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Earlier Tuesday, the Russian defense Ministry has commented on messages about the attack on the humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian branch of the red Crescent society, which occurred on September 19. The defense Ministry rejected the involvement of both Russian and Syrian air attack on humanitarian convoy.

Konashenkov told that the defense Ministry has reviewed footage from the scene and found no signs of aviabel. “All demonstrated in the video frames is a direct consequence of the fire load, which is a strange way began simultaneously with the implementation of a large scale militant attack on Aleppo,” — said Konashenkov.

The attack on a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo took place on September 19. Press Secretary of the UN Stefan Dujarric reported that the fire were at least 18 trucks. In a statement, the red cross and Crescent societies spoke of the death of about 20 civilians, razhruzhaly trucks with humanitarian aid, and one employee of the Syrian red Crescent.

Responsibility for the attack, Washington accused the Syrian government army. The head of state Department John Kerry said that Assad’s army strikes “indiscriminately”, including on humanitarian convoys. A senior U.S. official, who was quoted by the Guardian newspaper, noted that Washington considers responsible for the attack in the first place Russia, as its duty not only not to commit such acts, but to restrain from that Syrian government forces.