The presidential adviser spoke against the ban on leaving the bankers out of the country

Presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev has opposed the initiative of the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina to impose a ban on travel abroad for managers of troubled banks, reports TASS.

“In fact, to determine bona fide banker or unfair, may soon court, not the officials of the Central Bank” — leads the Agency of his word.

Speaking about deprivation of licenses of distressed banks, Glazyev said that the regulator’s policy in this matter needs to be adjusted. He admitted that it “leads to the sad reflections of the fact that virtually all of the actions of the Central Bank related to the revocation of the licence and the introduction of external administrations, preceded by criminal charges. “As if specially want to Bank executives received a cliché to blame, and began to flee from justice,” he said.

The idea is to limit travel abroad for managers of troubled banks, Nabiullina suggested that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with him on 13 September. The CB head noted that there are many cases when the bankers go abroad, where the withdrawn assets. However, she pointed out the absurdity of the situation when citizens who don’t pay the utility bills on time or does not pay the fine from the traffic police, the road over the border closed, and “bankers with huge sums of debt safely go”.

Putin promised to instruct the government and law enforcement agencies to investigate this initiative. The President pointed out that, limiting the government and society from any criminal manifestations”, you need to be very careful not to restrict people’s freedom.