Aymanibank ceased to accept deposits

Aymanibank, controlled by the co-owners lost their licenses Finprombank, stopped accepting deposits in connection with the updating of technical systems, the employee call center of the Bank.

“At the moment we do not accept funds to place deposits, there is a technical upgrade of the system”, — said the employee of the call center credit organization.

Earlier on Monday, “Interfax” with reference to the employee Imagebank reported that the Bank issues deposits by appointment only three days. “You need order to make money. The order is 3 working days on the fourth working day. That is, if today you give the order, then on the 23rd you can contact the Department and receive money”, — quoted Agency of a Bank employee.

the call centre confirmed this information, adding that the sum to 100 thousand roubles can be removed without any delay. While the Bank noted that previously, a lower limit (300 thousand rubles), but now in credit institutions changing the scheme of interaction with collector services.

9 September on the website Imagebank was reported that on 10 and 11 September (weekends) the Bank will not serve retail customers, for technical reasons, which began on Friday morning. Also have serviced clients September 17, 2016, citing technical reasons.

The Central Bank revoked the license of Finprombank September 19. Some shareholders of Finprombank own packages in Imagebank. In particular, Dmitry Semenov owns 9% Imagebank and 18.2% of Finprombank using “air-invest”, Peter Kondrashov of 9.5% Imagebank and 18.2% of Finprombank “global invest” Andrey Belkin — 9,5% Imagebank and 19.99% Finprombank through “Aspect Management”, Anatoly Goncharov 9,95% Imagebank and 18,47% Finprombank through “Sibtrans”.

Aymanibank specializiruetsya on providing natural persons deposits and loans. The main source of funding for the Bank — deposits of physical persons — 80% (21.8 billion rubles). Funds of enterprises amount to 2.1% (580 million roubles). According to the portal “Banks.<url>” on 1 September, the Bank takes the 143rd place in terms of assets.