CB explained the requirement of a social security number to obtain credit

Central Bank explained the banks rules of application of the new provisions of the law “On credit histories”, with effect from 1 January 2017 and establishes the procedure for submitting requests to the Bureau of credit stories (BKI). According to “Kommersant”, the explanation of the regulator did not solve the problem of banks with a need to know the insurance number of individual personal account (SNILS) of the borrower to appeal to the KJV.

Central Bank clarified that banks will be able to make inquiries the credit Bureau without social security number only if the customer has consented to such request prior to the entry of new standards in force (the consent is valid for two months from receipt or until the end of the end credits). In addition, the regulator noted that individuals can obtain information about SNILS in the personal Cabinet on the single portal of government services and forward them to the banks. But for this, banks will need to equip the place of receiving loan applications and computer areas, the newspaper said. “Unrealistic, for the remaining months, banks will be able to equip all the offices and point of sales POS loans special terminals”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Raiffeisenbank Andrey Stepanenko.

Complete social security number only has the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR), which provides data to banks. “These data are only available to the citizen who may, if necessary, provide them to the Bank”, — explained in a press-service PFR.

Banks expect that state agencies will go to meet them and, given the new requirements of the law, will provide access to the data of the FIU, told the newspaper the Vice-President “the Renaissance the Credit” Sergey Vasilev. “Market participants were not ready to such turn of events,” he said.

According to the new rule from January 1, banks will be able to request from the BCI data for individuals wishing to obtain the credit, only in the presence of SNILS. To send such a request without a social security number banks can only those borrowers whose pension provision is not made up of the FIU, ministries and agencies (military, officials, etc.).

The problem is that many Russians do not know the number SNILS by heart and not carrying it, said the bankers the newspaper. In July, “Kommersant” with reference to sources wrote that the savings Bank addressed to the Central Bank for special explanation on the issue.

According to “Kommersant”, the new rule will complicate the loan promptly. Now the practice of retail and especially consumer credit does not provide for the mandatory provision of social security number applicants for the loan. “If the loan amount is small and we know the customer, the loan can be approved in the absence of credit history. The client “off the street” or who wants to get a large amount with no credit history, the loan is unlikely to approve”, — said the Chairman of the Board of OTP Bank Sergey Kapustin.