The court declared bankrupt credited to Marin Le Pen Bank

The arbitration court of Moscow on 15 September announced the decision under the claim about bankruptcy of the First Czech-Russian Bank (pcrb). The Bank was declared insolvent (bankrupt), follows from the message published on the website of the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV).

In March pcrb limit the issuance of deposits. On 24 March, the Central Bank introduced a temporary Bank administration. 1 July the First Czech-Russian Bank at that time held the 126-th place in the Russian banking system by total assets, was disbarred. The Central Bank noted that the Bank adequately assessed the risks taken with poor quality assets. In July, the Central Bank has submitted to Arbitration court the claim about recognition pcrb bankrupt. The Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov reported that the hole in the capital pcrb amounted to more than RUB 20 billion in insurance liability less than 17 billion rubles.

In August, the Bank announced that negative equity pcrb was 26.5 billion rubles According to the regulator, in the reporting Bank on July 1, the amount of assets was overstated by RUB 20 billion of Temporary administration on Bank management evaluated the assets pcrb Bank on the date of 5.27 billion rubles., although in statements, the assets noted in the amount by 25.23 billion rubles Debt of the Bank amounted to 31.8 billion rubles.

Pcrb credited the French party “national front” headed marine Le Pen. Party at the end of 2014 agreed with the Bank on the loan in the amount of €9 million, after Le Pen spoke about the failure of French banks to lend her party.

The counterparty Bank and a source close to pcrb told that without the license the Bank has frozen the funds of the Czech Embassy in Russia and the company “Czech airlines” (CSA Czech Airlines). The interlocutors also noted that since 2002, the owner and simultaneously the client pcrb was at that time the largest contractor of “Gazprom” Stroytransgaz”. The counterparty of the Bank said that “Stroytransgaz” was left in there account, however, a source close to the group “Stroytransgaz”, claimed that the company had serviced it just before its controlling owner was Gennady Timchenko, that is, until 2008. “He wrote that the company in the First Czech-Russian Bank accounts, but now there are literally 20 thousand rubles,” — said the source .