The head of VTB questioned in the presence of Putin’s $2 billion

The head of VTB Bank Andrey Kostin in an interview with CNBC, said he did not believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be $2 billion. This amount was mentioned by the International consortium of investigative journalists in the so-called “Panama records”. In the appeared in the spring of 2016 the publication reported that people “close” Putin was transferred through offshore companies at least $2 billion In particular, in the investigation was quoted cellist Sergey Roldugin, who is the head of state called his friend.

“I don’t believe that Putin has the $2 billion, because even if he wanted to have them, I don’t know how he could spend it,” said Kostin, explaining that people like Putin, doomed to until the end of his days to remain the object of everyone’s attention.

“He is very dedicated to his work and really wants to change Russia. I do not think that among his priorities is making money. No one has ever seen billions or even millions of Putin”, — said Kostin

In August 2016 in an interview with the Financial Times Kostin also said that Putin is doomed to lead a modest life, “because the whole world knows,” and ruled out the possibility that the investigation “Panama records” would be discovered any secret account of Vladimir Putin.

“You’ll never catch Putin on this. He has no cars, no money. People who are trying to find accounts of Putin, I can spend my entire life on this quest, but they will never find them”, — said the head of VTB.

In the Kremlin the publication “the Panama dossier” previously called surge and information attack personally on Putin. The President of Russia during a straight line on April 14, commenting on the publication “the Panama dossier”, said that “everywhere are the ears of customers, they stick out and don’t even blush”.