The hole in the capital of the Bank was estimated at 39.3 billion RUB.

Negative equity of the Bank amounted to 39.3 billion rubles, reported the press service of the Central Bank. The data correspond to the condition of the Bank’s balance sheet at 16 September 2016. As explained in Central Bank, the regulator demanded additional 100% of reserves on loans to legal entities for RUB 49 billion after the validity of these loans, the Bank could not document.

Monday, September 19, the regulator has revoked the license of the Bank, the Central Bank revoked the license of the Bank, noting the poor quality of its assets. Improper assessment of credit risk and objective reflection of the value of assets in the financial statements of the credit institution led to a complete loss of its equity (capital), is spoken in the message of the Central Bank. In addition, the Bank of Russia noted that the Bank did not comply with the requirements of the legislation and statutory acts of Bank of Russia in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way and financing of terrorism in parts of timely and quality submission of information to the authorized body.

The Central Bank has appointed Bank temporary administration, which took over the Agency on insurance of contributions. “The interim administration of JSC “CB “Rosinterbank” faced with the serious facts of impeding their activities with the management of the Bank, reflected in failure in transmission of electronic databases and documents of title to the assets of the Bank”, — said the press service of the regulator. The Central Bank also reported that the automated banking system of the Bank does not operate servers out of action. Legal matters and other documents confiscated or destroyed.

Rosinterbank took 68th place in the Russian banking system. According to the latest financial statements, it contained more than 55 billion rubles of individuals.

Earlier it was reported that the police conducted seizure of documents in Bank. The press service of the Bank said that the police conducted a seizure of documents on one of the clients of Rosinterbank. Excavation was conducted in the Central office of Bank in Moscow, Kozhevnicheskaya street.

On Monday, the Central Bank revoked the license of Finprombank, who occupied the 94th place in the banking system of the country. The reason for the revocation of the license was the failure to satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations, the message of the regulator. According to the Bank, the liabilities of the Bank to physical persons and individual entrepreneurs amounted to 12.8 billion rubles, the volume of funds subject to insurance reimbursement — 6.6 billion rubles.

In mid-September, “RIA Novosti”, citing a source familiar with the audit of the Bank, told about the hole in the 27 billion rubles in the capital of Finprombank. According to the source, this hole is directly identified in Finprombank, not in the Bank group, which also includes Aymanibank and payment system “Customs card”. The Agency interlocutor also said that the Central Bank your prescription restricted Bank holding customer transactions, attraction of funds of natural persons in deposits and transactions direct REPO.

On Tuesday, September 13, Finprombank reported that at the meeting on 14 October, its shareholders will make a decision about a possible appeal to the Bank with the request to revoke or cancel the license of the Bank to conduct banking operations.