The market leader of customs duties will be put on sale

System “Customs card”, the market leader in customs duties, will be sold at auction, said a source familiar with the situation. Another source confirmed this information.

The operator belongs to Finprombank, which September 19 was revoked license. In Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), which will be the administrator, promptly to comment on the implementation of the asset could not.

Customs card — the operator of the local payment system for payment of customs payments. Finprombank gradually increased its stake in the company to 90%: first received the package in 45%, and then in early July 2016 bought the company “Avlida limited” is still the same and concentrating at 90% of the company. However, the FAS this deal was not approved. On August 1, 2016 assets “Customs card”, the company was 375,8 million rubles, own funds — 290,4 million rbl., the profit after tax for the first half of 2016 — 30 million rubles. the company has more than 100 issuing banks, including Sberbank and VTB. POS-terminals are located throughout the country, at all customs posts in Russia and some former CIS countries (over 300 pieces).

In the market of customs duties together with the “Customs card” works “Multiservice payment system”, producing a “Round”, which has about 250 terminals in the country. More than 20-25% of all customs payments are paid by cards, of whom more than 50% held by the structure of Finprombank. So, in July 2016, the Federal customs service transferred to the Federal budget 580,4 billion RUB So RUB 145.1 billion in fees was paid for with plastic cards, of which more than 73 billion, “Customs card”.

System “Customs card” uses two settlement centre — NGO “ISS” (according to SPARK, in September 2015, belonged to Finprombank) and Sberbank with him the agreement was concluded in the summer of 2015. Settlements in payment system “Customs card” are conducted through the correspondent account of NCO “ISS” in the Central Bank, said in a statement on the company website. “There are no failures in the system. <…> The controls take the necessary measures to optimize the ownership structure”, — stated in the message of the company.

September 2, 2016, the rating Agency RAEX downgraded the credit rating of “Customs card” to the level+ Low level of creditworthiness” with a negative Outlook. This was due to the unstable position of its owner — Finprombank. “Negative pressure on the rating has a non-optimal structure of own funds (retained earnings in the equity structure made up of 99.7%, according to August 1),” — said the Agency. At the same time, business “Customs card” RA RAEX praised as highly profitable. For the first half of the company’s return on equity was 19.6% in annual terms, the share of accounts payable was at a low level in the structure of liabilities of the company (4.3% of liabilities on August 1, 2016), as well as the company had no debt.

“The first time we have downgraded the rating of “Customs card” from A to B++ in the end of 2015 because of the loan that it “hung” Finprombank several billion roubles, — says Stanislav Volkov, an analyst “Expert RA”. But in early 2016, the company repaid this debt. It is difficult to estimate the value of the company in the current situation, but it is clear that to sell it will be at a discount. The approximate cost may be about 4 billion rubles”. According to Stanislav Volkov, without taking into account the state of Affairs of the company owners of this established, well-functioning a profitable business in an oligopoly market. “In early 2016, the Bank had expressed a desire to buy “Customs card,” he says.

In the savings Bank in question responded that “the service “Customs card” and the implementation of Sberbank options clearing centre does not depend on the license Finprombank”.