Assad has denied the involvement of Russia and Syria to attack on the humanitarian convoy

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an interview with American news Agency Associated Press said that responsibility for the shelling of a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian branch of the red Crescent society needs to attract terrorists.

The Syrian leader said that the attack was carried out from the ground, and rejected the accusations against the Russian or Syrian aircraft.

“First of all, over the past few years in various areas of Syria visited dozens of convoys from different countries. This has never happened, so why now is the to do with Russia or Syria?” — Assad said, stressing that it only “charges”.

“As for yesterday’s claims by the White house yesterday, which blames the Syrians or the Russians. In this regard, I would like to say that the statements of American officials about the conflict in Syria in General can’t be trusted,” added the Syrian President.

According to him, whatever is said in Washington about the situation in Syria is “simply false, and like soap bubbles without any Foundation”.