Bloomberg included Putin in one of the most influential people in the world of Finance

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin entered the rating of 50 most influential people in the world of Finance according to the Agency Bloomberg, taking the 30th place. Explaining the significance of the Russian President for global Finance, Bloomberg notes that despite the isolation, the reduction of American and European investments in the Russian economy, the sanctions and lower energy prices, Putin’s position remains strong.

The Agency emphasizes that in a recent interview, the Russian leader recalled the significant investment in the oil and gas industry and the adequacy of its financial resources, stating that Russia “today is absolutely an adequate level of foreign exchange reserves”.

Therefore, writes Bloomberg, the world “a slight tremor” will be a financial and economic impact from future steps of the Russian President in the oil market, in the border with Russia States, the middle East and perhaps in the presidential election in the United States.

In the first place by the degree of influence on the financial world of the Agency has put Prime Minister Theresa may, who headed the government after the referendum on leaving the EU. Bloomberg notes that it depends on the status of the city of London as main financial center of Europe.

Second place was shared by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. The democratic contender for the White house are awaiting action on the implementation of tax initiatives, and Republican approval of his isolationist statements in the area of free trade regulation banking law and reducing the national debt.

Chinese President XI Jinping was ranked on the impact on global Finance in connection with his promises to keep the economic growth at the level of below 6.5% per year and to prevent uncontrolled growth of the debt.

In fifth place was the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, who this year became the third wealthiest man in the world by Bloomberg, pushing this place of Warren Buffett. His influence Bloomberg estimates based on competitor actions they are taking to keep up with Amazon.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the sixth place. The Agency notes that, despite criticism of its immigration policy, has not yet seen any real competitor that could change her as leader of Europe’s largest economy.

In seventh and eighth places were the leaders of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi and Federal reserve chair Janet Yellen. From the first favorable prospects for growth of the EU economy, worsened after the Brekzita”. From the second the stability of the American economy that many secured her calm and confident actions on the regulation of the key rate, says Bloomberg.

“The Oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffet was in ninth place thanks to a skilful investment in the company, holding leading positions in their industries, says the Agency.

The head of Tesla Elon musk allotted to 11th position, despite the incidents with the rocket SpaceX at Cape Canaveral and electric vehicles, Tesla, in the accident which is in autopilot mode and killed the driver.

When compiling the list, Bloomberg asked several dozen reporters to submit their nominations. All were called more than a hundred names, of which editorial management took away 50 people, defining, in his opinion, the trend in the world of Finance.