MI6 will hold the largest expansion since the cold war

MI6 is planning by 2020 to increase the number of employees from 2,500 to just over 3500, informs Bi-bi-si referring to sources in the British government. As noted by Reuters, this increase in staff is the most serious since the cold war.

Reason to attract new employees in MI6 called necessary conditions for the development of the Internet and new technologies. Additional staff British intelligence will use to ensure the safety of people and the transactions.

The head of MI6 Alex Younger, in his speech in Washington on 20 September hinted at the coming changes, reminds Bi-bi-si. “The information revolution is fundamentally changing our operating environment”, he said. “Five years from now there will be two kinds of intelligence: those who have realized this fact and thrive, and those that do not understand this and are not [of such benefits]. And I think MI6 will be in the first group,” added Younger.

At MI6 will have the lion’s share of additional state, Finance, who promised the government in 2015. Five-year plan for defence and security, presented in 2015, suggested that law enforcement agencies will be able to hire 1,900 additional employees. However, most of them in his charge will receive intelligence. The remaining jobs will share the counterintelligence service MI5, GCHQ in the UK, dealing with wiretapping and counter-terrorist police unit.

As marks Bi-bi-si, in the MI6 fear that complex operations will be more and more open to declassification of foreign spies, or even groups of fighters, skillfully using the Internet. “Our opponents, which doesn’t stop the law, can use these opportunities to get more information about our activities, this means that we need to completely change the approach that we use,” said Younger.

Previously held the post of Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron said that the government will increase by £2 billion financing of British special forces by 2020. These funds will purchase communications equipment, weapons and vehicles.