Putin instructed to introduce in Russia the tax to tourists

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved a list of measures to increase the investment attractiveness of the sanatorium-resort complex of the country. One such measure should be the introduction of a special resort collection, published on the Kremlin website list of instructions.

Necessary for the emergence of a “tax on tourists” amendments should be made to the legislation by 1 March 2017, the document says. Revenues from the new fee will be used for the development of sanatorium-resort complex.

According to the instructions, by early spring the government should empower the Federal tourism Agency the powers necessary for the promotion of Russian resorts and resorts in the world and domestic market. By may 1 it is planned to adopt a unified strategy for the development of sanatorium-resort complex of the country.

In the fall of 2014 in the state Duma was introduced the bill of introduction in Russia of a collection of individuals arriving in a tourist area”. However, it was rejected by the government, who feared the loss of appeal of the Russian resorts because of cost, stay on them. In the prepared government the opinion also noted that the imposition of a fee does not give the possibility to significantly increase revenues due to the large costs of administering the new tax.

In 2015, the Ministry of the North Caucasus has proposed to charge tourist arrivals in the resorts of Mineral Waters, Kislovodsk, Yessentuki and Pyatigorsk 50-150. In August 2016 the range of Minkowksi was supported by Vladimir Putin, who called, however, “not to lift up the payments to the amount of the new fee was invisible to the tourists.

Earlier on Thursday, the 22 September, the Minister of tourism of Crimea Sergey Strelbitsky reported on the preparation by the authorities of the region your project to charge arriving tourists. According to the Minister, the new tax should be lump sum and its amount shall not exceed 300 rubles.

According to Rostourism, in 2015 in Russia was visited by more than 26,85 million foreign tourists, hotels, motels and other collective accommodation facilities (CEB) for the year took over 43,65 million Russians and more than 5.6 million foreign nationals.