Putin on Friday to meet with past leaders of the Duma parties

President Vladimir Putin will hold a traditional Friday meeting with the leaders of the past following the results of elections to the Duma parties, said the official close to the leadership of the Communist party, LDPR and “Fair Russia”.

Zyuganov confirmed that is preparing to meet with the President. “At the meeting with the President before the election, we discussed that after the election you need to meet to discuss their results,” — said the Communist leader.

On the possibility of Putin’s conversation with party leaders September 19, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, but the date is not called. On Wednesday evening, Peskov on a question is not answered.

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For this meeting the leaders of the parties will prepare their suggestions on the package agreement between fractions about the distribution of posts of the first Vice-speaker of the Duma Vice-speakers and chairmen of the committees, said the source in the lower house of Parliament. After this meeting, when the President will resolve the disagreement, it will become clear how many management posts will get each faction.

In the Duma of the sixth convocation from “United Russia obtained 238 seats out of 450), there were four regular and one first Vice-speaker, first Deputy speaker (replaced the Chairman of the Council in his absence) was the Communist party, one that the Deputy speaker had “Fair Russia” and LDPR. The party then also share the posts of chairmen of committees, half of the three dozen committees gave United Russia a just Russia”, CPRF and LDPR. The Communists were led by six committees, just Russia — five members of the LDPR — four. In the new convocation, United Russia will receive 343 of the mandate, is a constitutional majority.

The Communist party will be offered the post of first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma incumbent Ivan Melnikov, said Zyuganov. According to him, the Communists want to retain the committees are already chaired by the representatives of the party. This Committee on the environment (headed by Vladimir Kashin), regional policy (Nikolai Kharitonov), on land relations (Alexei Russian), on property issues Sergey Gavrilov). The Communist party of the sixth convocation was also the Committee for defence and industry, however, led by their Vladimir Komoyedov and Sergey Sobko lost the election. In addition, the Communists want to put the faction on the chair of the Committee on education Oleg Smolin (he is now first Vice-President). In the Duma of the sixth convocation, the Committee was headed by United Russia’s Vyacheslav Nikonov.

The liberal democratic party wants at least to retain the committees, which are reserved for the party in the sixth Congress, and to increase their number doubled, said a member of the Supreme Council of the party Yaroslav Nilov. In the Duma of the sixth convocation of the representatives of the party headed the committees for CIS Affairs, on Affairs of public associations on health, on sports. The liberal democratic party now claims also to the committees on rules, on science, on education and on the constitutional Committee, said Nilov. At “Fair Russia” there were committees for women and children, housing and public utilities, mass media, science and economic policy.

The representative of “United Russia” did not comment on the upcoming meeting with the President.

United Russia will discuss the results of the Duma elections and the future of the faction on Saturday at the joint meeting of the Supreme and General Council of the party, said two of the interlocutor in “an United Russia”.

Make complaints against campaign

The policy will also discuss with the President the last day of voting.

Zyuganov also talk about the recent election campaign, says a source in the faction of the Communists. “We are preparing a dissenting opinion. Leader [Gennadiy Zyuganov] will say that the campaign was dirty, in particular, we will focus on removal from elections of Sergey Obukhov, Vadim Solovyov, the slur against our candidates, organized bussing to the sites and so on,” he said.

Officially, the leaders of LDPR and “Fair Russia” recognized the election results. Zhirinovsky called them “positive”.

Meeting the “traditional”, noted Peskov on Monday. Five years ago, after the 2011 elections, with leaders caught in the Duma parties met Dmitry Medvedev holding then a post of the President. The meeting was held after mass protests against fraud during the voting. Then the policy was also discussed with the head of the state admitted into the voting violations.