Saratov electoral Commission explained the same results of “United Russia”

Saratov electoral Commission commented on the reports publication “Slon” Magazine that the state Duma elections the party “United Russia” elections in more than 100 polling station showed the same result, 62.2% of the votes. United Russia is not received at the polling stations in Saratov region the same percentage of votes, said the Chairman of regional election Committee Pavel Tochilkin.

According to him, the percentage and number of voters are different, claims. “The absolute figures are as follows: first, the percent, rounded to hundredths represented in the range of 62,16% to 62.24%, secondly, in absolute terms, the numbers range from 384 to 991 of voters”, — he said.

Tochilkin noted that polling stations can vote from 50 to 3 thousand people. “All these figures show no more than a mathematical coincidence,” said Tochilin. He stressed that the voting process is conducted surveillance observers 3966, 3972 worked as a member of the precinct electoral commissions and 105 media representatives, as well as two long, eight short-term international observers of the OSCE ODIHR and five international observers from CIS mission. “Complaints of violations during the counting of votes in electoral Commission region have been reported,” — said the head of the electoral Commission.

Informed about the anomalies at the polling stations in Saratov region said Slon, citing data published in the blog of a specialist in electoral geography by Alexander Kireev. These data indicate that tens of thousands of votes in the Saratov region was within one tenth of a percent. One of the four electoral districts in the Saratov region became the absolute champion on number of sites with the same index: 62 commissions (each six) counted exactly 62.2% of.

For comparison, the publication cited the results from the polling stations in Chechnya, where the party in power was also given to the large number of votes, noting that in the region where United Russia” have voted more than 90% of voters vote peak is broader than in the Saratov region. “That is, if the Caucasus voted for less than the total 96%, and a little more, in the Saratov region popular was only one figure: 62,2%,” wrote Slon.

Saratov region the list of “United Russia” on these elections was headed by the curator of internal policy of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, who is a native of the region, was emphasized by the publication. The Deputy from “United Russia” Olga batalina, which was nominated as the second number in the Saratov region, said Slon, “are not aware of the anomalies in the results” but promised to study them.