The head of the CEC stated “cynical” administrative resource on elections in Petersburg

The head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova said that the election Commission of St. Petersburg failed in the elections to oppose the abuse of administrative resources, almost nothing. This statement Pamfilova made on Wednesday at a meeting of the CEC, which deals with complaints received on the voting day.

She stressed that St. Petersburg was connected to “very high hopes” that this time the elections in this city “will be fine”. “But, unfortunately, birth trauma is left, you did the most important thing, in spite of our strong recommendations. You have been completely reformatting commissions of all levels” — quoted Pamfilova “RIA Novosti”.

The head of the CEC noted that “a heavy legacy 2011” in the elections in St. Petersburg, which “made itself felt”. “Defiantly cynical use of administrative resources. We are faced with this repeatedly, and we see that, unfortunately, is affected, it affects this makes the work of territorial and precinct election commissions,” — said Pamfilova. “Unfortunately, the Commission of Saint-Petersburg are unable to oppose the abuse of administrative resources, almost nothing, although we all the help I needed, tried to provide”, she added.

At the CEC session on Wednesday focused on complaints about violations during voting and counting of votes in St. Petersburg from the party “Yabloko,” the Party of growth and candidate single-seat districts of the party Oksana Dmitrieva. She, in particular, demanded a recount of the votes in the 217-m single-mandate district in St. Petersburg, where the candidate from “United Russia” Mikhail Romanov, Dmitrieva is on the second place.

Following the meeting, the CEC decided to appeal to the Prosecutor General to check the information on violations during the counting of votes in the elections in St. Petersburg.