The media learned about the appointment of the new head of the “banking” Department of the FSB

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about appointment as the head of the Department “K” of the FSB (Chapter 6 service Management of own safety of FSB of Ivan Tkachev, informs “the New newspaper” referring to sources in FSB. According to them, on the appointment of Tkachev insisted the Director of the secret service, Alexander Bortnikov, presidential administration, “the decision was opposed”.

The source of “New” in the Kremlin confirmed that the resistance to the appointment “really was”. “On September 23 was the deadline for approval of the candidacy of Tkachev in the Old square, then the document with any visa had to go to the President”, — said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

In June, citing a source close to the leadership of counterintelligence, as well as an acknowledgement of the source in the FSB, wrote that Tkachev is the main contender for the post of head of the Department “K” of the security services. One of the interviewees argued that the appointment of Tkachev is expected in the near future, but his candidacy has yet to approve Bortnikov.

Tkachev played a key role in the case of former head of the Main Directorate for economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry of Denis Sugrobov and his Deputy Boris Kolesnikov, said a source in the FSB. They were arrested in 2014 on charges of provocation of a bribe, abuse of power and organizing a criminal community. In June of the same year, Kolesnikov died, dropped out after interrogation from a balcony in building the TFR.

Sources told that the detention of the generals was the result of conflict between two power structures — Guebipk of the MIA and FSB of CSS. In the end, Sugrobov and Kolesnikov accused of trying to provoke bribe-taking Deputy Tkachev in the CSS of the FSB Igor Demin.

The “K” is engaged in counter-intelligence provision of credit-financial sphere. The division has also added management of the “N” of the FSB, which has struggled with drugs, smuggling and organized crime.

The previous head of the Department “To” Viktor Voronin, wrote a letter of resignation in June. Its resignation is connected with the criminal case, the defendant was his subordinate, the chief 7-go Department of management “To” SEB FSB Vadim Uvarov, told the sources .