The U.S. Congress adopted the law on sanctions against Russia

About the unanimous adoption of a law by the House of representatives announced Wednesday evening one of the initiators of Congressman Eliot Engel. According to him, for the easing of sanctions should Russia comply with the Minsk agreements, namely to ensure Ukraine’s control over its Eastern border in its entirety.

The politician stressed that the sanctions associated with the Crimea will be valid until the region will not return to the Ukraine. In addition, methods will be tightened control over the observance of the sanctions regime. The act also provides for the reporting banks, illegally controlling Ukrainian assets, in particular Russian banks in the Crimea.

According to Engel, the law also contains measures that will make it difficult for Russia purchase of equipment or services for defense purposes among Alliance members, as well as sanctions for suspected human rights violations. The document’s authors also urge the U.S. government to develop a comprehensive strategy to combat Russian propaganda.

In the preamble to the law it is reported that he accepted in order to help the government to restore the country’s territorial integrity and deter Russia’s aggressive actions.

The bill, H. R. 5094 was approved in July by the relevant Committee of the house of representatives. To in force it must be approved by the Senate and signed by the President.

The validity of the act five years after its entry into force. Sanctions of the USA is of indefinite duration and may be cancelled by the authorities under appropriate conditions.