The United Russia party will be replaced after the elections of three key executives

In the near future in the “United Russia” will replace two of the four Deputy Secretary of the General Council (the position of Secretary is Sergei Neverov, he is engaged in the current leadership of the party), said two people in the party. The issue of new deputies and the new format may be discussed at a future meeting of the Presidium of the General Council, confirmed Neverov.

Deputy Secretary of the General Council of ideology and Andrei Isayev, Deputy Secretary of the General Council organizational Viktor kidyaev will lose their party posts. They both passed in the state Duma following the results of elections and will receive the posts in the lower house, for example, can become the Deputy head of the Duma faction of United Russia, told the interlocutors . In the last convocation Isaev was Deputy speaker, and kidyaev headed the Committee on the Federal structure. This has not prevented them to occupy positions in the leadership of the party. According to sources , now combining leadership positions in the party and the state Duma will be more impossible.

New Deputy Secretary, is likely to be the Victor Seliverstov and Yevgeny Revenko, who was elected to the state Duma in the last election. 2012-2014 Seliverstov-Deputy head of the internal policy of the presidential administration, responsible for the regions there, and then became the head of the Moscow Executive Committee of the onf. Before the election as its candidate from Moscow included the headquarters of United Russia. Now he will do it in the party’s regional work.

Revenko previously made a career on television and was Deputy General Director of VGTRK. He will deal with the positioning of the “United Russia” and the promotion of the party.

Until now, a similar work was done by Olga batalina — she oversaw advocacy unit. She will remain a Deputy Secretary, but now will take a new direction — project work, including concerning interaction with civil society and NGOs, said the source . Another Deputy Neverov Sergei Zheleznyak retained the post, and the functionality it deals with matters of international cooperation.

The new head of the Central Executive Committee of the party became Deputy Vladimir Burmatov. For many years he was criticised in the lower house the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov, who in August resigned as. The former head of the Executive Committee Maksim Rudnev becomes Deputy Burmatova on the project activities.

“There is the task of ensuring effective interaction between the Central Executive Committee of the party and faction, to strengthen work with regional offices to maintain contact and communication with citizens, which was tried and tested on thousands of meetings. Therefore, we are discussing strengthening this work in several areas: it project work, including interaction with public organizations and the work of the regional bloc,” explains Alex.

All the permutations related to the outcome of the election campaign and motivated by a desire to strengthen the work of the “United Russia”, which in the new Duma received a constitutional majority, says a source in the party. According to him, the role of the Deputy Neverov can be strengthened, they will have to be your employees.