Dvorkovich told about the damage from sanctions on agriculture

In a speech at the forum, Dvorkovich pointed out that the Western sanctions do not help agriculture, because they led to the fact that the industry lost-cost financing in international financial markets, the correspondent .

“Our response is just compensation for the damage that was done to agriculture in this way”, — said Deputy Prime Minister. “And we provide the minimum volume which is necessary to compensate for such damage, he added.

Dvorkovich also noted that the profitability of agriculture has recently been less than 5% and is now close to 10% due to the higher efficiency of the management of the grain business.

June 18, Sergei Ivanov, who at that time was the head of the presidential administration, in the program “Vesti on Saturday” said that agriculture in Russia increased “largely due to the imposition of sanctions”. According to him, the import of the Russian pork is not needed, and the chicken is almost not needed”. “The train has left,” he said.

In December 2015, President Vladimir Putin instructed to fully provide Russia with its products by 2020. “To fulfil these ambitious goals, we need to focus resources on supporting especially those farms that are highly efficient. It is on these principles to build a program of agricultural development”, — Putin said.

Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev said that the government is able to implement orders of the President, but for the full import substitution during this period will need additional funding, he stressed.