In the Japanese foreign Ministry denied the information about the agreement on two of the Kuril Islands

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan refuted the information that Tokyo agreed to a compromise with Russia on the issue of the Kuril Islands. It is reported TASS with reference to the official representative of the Ministry.

We are talking about a peace deal, which previously reported a Japanese newspaper. According to the newspaper, Tokyo agreed to the transfer of two South Kuril Islands, but not all four.

“This is not true. The government of Japan in accordance with its previous course will be hard to conduct negotiations aimed at concluding a peace Treaty with Russia based on the decision of the question of ownership of all four Islands,” — said the representative of the foreign Ministry of Japan.

On September 23 the Japanese Yomiuri newspaper reported that Tokyo expressed readiness to sign a Moscow peace Treaty, under which Japan will receive only Shikotan and group of Islands Habomai. While Japan will not officially renounce claims to the Islands of Kunashir and Iturup, but will ask Russia to give permission for a visit to this these Islands by the Japanese and joint economic development.