Putin has threatened governors of punishment for election violations

During the meeting with the President, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova complained that “some of the governors of the missed election through the prism of personal interests.” “Not all heads of regions has heard your political will, your call for openness, competitiveness, honesty of the elections”, — quotes the head of the CEC “Interfax”. The names of the leaders Pamfilova called, stating that her office has analyzed the period prior to the election day, when “there was the unconscionable use and abuse of administrative resources”.

Putin said regional leaders or other leaders who violated the law should be punished. “As for my relationship to colleagues, you probably have all seen how I treat those who break the law, regardless of what political views one holds and how it positions itself in the political sphere”, — said the President. “If a person breaks the law, he must answer for it and be held accountable; this applies to managers of any level and rank in the sphere of economy, social sphere, political sphere,” he added.

In the night of Friday, the CEC summed up the results of the election. “United Russia” received in the state Duma of the mandate 343 of the Communist party — 42, LDPR — 39, “Fair Russia” — 23. The final turnout was 47,88%.

Speaking at a night meeting of the CEC, Pamfilova said that the elections were legitimate. “despite some violations.” “The holding of open elections and competitive we tried to create. Transparency and openness, I’m sure we’ve provided,” she said. While Pamfilova urged not to judge of the CEC is strictly for “mistakes” and “shortcomings”.

At the meeting with Putin Pamfilova said that the CEC will soon consider which of the Chairpersons of electoral commissions have worked honestly and who “caved in under some interests”. According to her, will soon have a rotation of heads of election commissions, during which two-thirds of managers will be replaced.

Discussing violations of the election, Pamfilova particularly mentioned that it was deeply disappointed by the situation in Saint-Petersburg. “We looked out there in the districts, there is a serious violation of, all documents, all complaints and appeals submitted to the Prosecutor’s office,” she said. The head of the CEC also mentioned about the incident in Voronezh oblast, where just shamelessly used the administrative resource”.

Earlier in election Committee of the Voronezh region refused to comment on the incident in the Leninsky district of Voronezh. As reported by “RIA Novosti” in the system “Elections” was introduced, data did not coincide with those figures that were contained in certified copies of protocols on voting results. After considering the CEC of the candidate from “Fair Russia” it became clear that the electoral Commission referred to two sites in Tiraspol (Transnistria) “Fair Russia” won in 2022 and 2021 voice, and “United Russia” and 718 297 votes. However, in the system “Elections” got data, according to which “a just Russia got 21 and 22 voices, and “United Russia” — 2718 and 2297 votes.