Russia has announced a publishing agreement with U.S. on Syria

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking at the UN General Assembly in new York, said that all information on the agreement on Syria concluded between Russia and the USA will be published. The Russian Minister expressed his misunderstanding of the position of Washington, which “deviates” from the promulgation of these documents.

“All that was enshrined in UN security Council resolutions, documents of the ISSG and the Russian-American documents, all this information will be published. I don’t know why our American colleagues shy away from this,” Lavrov said (quoted by “Interfax”).

The agreement between Russia and the U.S. on Syria was reached on 9 September on the basis of 15 hours of negotiations of heads of foreign policy departments of Russia and the USA Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry in Geneva. Sep 12, in Syria entered into force a ceasefire, but the documents remained classified.

September 13, Lavrov said that Moscow is in favour of an agreement with the U.S. on Syria were published in order to prevent doubts about the implementation of the agreement by Russia. Washington opposed the declassification of documents. The us side explained its decision by the fact that the details of the agreement are “too sensitive” to bring them to light.

September 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Washington does not publish data on agreement in Syria as “the world community will become clear who and what really does not”.

Thursday, September 22, the Associated Press published containing the five points the document entitled “reducing the violence, restoring access and the establishment of a joint implementation centre”, which is, as explained by the representative of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova, part of a package deal.

“It is strange that it was done this way, and the document is to be published, for example on the official site of the state Department and the foreign Ministry… Instead was given a leak. But it is in the style of our American colleagues,” — said Zakharov.