The Finance Ministry has proposed a new way to save on working pensioners

The Finance Ministry has proposed not to pay pensions to working pensioners whose income exceeds 500 thousand rbl. or at a less stringent option – 1 million rubles. the Relevant proposals of the Department are discussed in the government, wrote in a Friday newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to Federal officials.

In addition, the Finance Ministry proposes to cancel a fixed payment to those whose income is above two and a half minimum. Now 2.5 the cost of the average low is about 22 thousand rubles Fixed payout is part of the insurance pension which today is equal 4559 RUB and is paid regardless of seniority and the number of pension points.

These proposals were sounded at the meeting with first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, told the newspaper. They noted that attention was not focused, because the solution of this question for the Prime Minister or President. Measures proposed by the Finance Ministry among others to balance the Federal budget in 2017-2019 years, said the newspaper.

As writes the edition, the refusal to pay pensions to those whose income exceeds 1 million rubles will affect 90 thousand people., the abolition of the fixed payments to those whose income is above 2.5 times the subsistence minimum is about 2 million people. According to estimates of officials, the refusal of payment of less rigid option would save the Federal budget nearly 450 billion rubles. for three years.

“Let’s be honest – the state pension those who receive more than 1 million rubles, is not necessary” – leads the publication the words of one of the officials of the financial-economic bloc. He stressed that it is a question of social justice.

In July it was reported that in the state Duma a draft law approved by the government Commission on legislative activities, ideally working retirees the opportunity to waive the annual recalculation of pensions in exchange for future benefits. Recalculation occurs automatically increase annually from 1 August (pensioner for each year of service receives an additional pension points and, consequently, an increase in their pension). Legislative initiative addressed to working pensioners with salaries above 18 thousand. it is Expected that the document will be reviewed by the state Duma of a new convocation. In the case of adoption, the initiative will allow the Pension Fund to save up to 12 billion rubles.

Previously, the government refused the indexation of pensions in 2016 (the first held in February, when pensions have increased by 4%), replacing it with a one-time payment of 5 thousand rubles. the Decision applies to both working and not working pensioners.