The head of the CEC admitted mistakes in the conduct of elections to the state Duma

The head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova said that the CEC failed to fully restore confidence in the elections, but it has ensured their openness. This statement Pamfilova made late on Thursday evening at the Commission meeting on summarizing results of elections to the state Duma.

“You will judge us severely. That’s right. We see their mistakes, shortcomings, we will soon be a lot of work on the bugs, to the level of confidence, maybe a little we managed to increase, but not as much as it should be” — quoted Pamfilova “Interfax”. She promised to soon conduct a “great job on the bugs to the next company to reach a new level.”

The head of the CEC said that the election Commission is not completed. “We’ve only just begun. We will continue to accept complaints from participants in the electoral process, obtain the financial reports of the parties, conduct a debriefing, ” she added, noting that the analysis to be “very serious”.

Despite the reported violations, according to Pamfilova, the Duma elections on 18 September were legitimate. “I dare say that the elections, despite some violations that exist and with which we will deal until the last complaints were legitimate,” — said Pamfilova (quoted by TASS).

“The holding of open elections and competitive we tried to create. Transparency and openness, I’m sure we’ve provided,” she added.