The Minister of culture took away departments the right to dispose of money

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has tightened control over spending of budget funds in the Department. He issued an order (have), according to which the right to sign the documentation for the procurement of goods and services, to sign contracts and additional agreement to them now is exclusive to the first Deputy Minister and his ordinary assistants.

That Medina tightens controls over the expenditure of budgetary funds and carrying out public contracts, a source told the Ministry of culture. This was confirmed by the press service of the Ministry. “Such an order actually exists,” — said the press service.

Prior to that, according to a source in the Agency, power of attorney for the right to dispose of funds and to conclude civil law contracts, acts of acceptance of the goods delivered, etc., had not only the leadership of the office, but the Director and even Deputy Directors of departments.

In the order, which was signed on September 7 of this year, it is said that only the official and ordinary deputies will be able to sign the agreement on the terms and conditions of granting subsidies to the executors of state contracts, as well as to conclude agreements on the transfer of powers of the state.

The order will state specifically the granting to the Directors of the departments of the right of signature of documents involving the spending of budgetary funds is possible, but only on the basis of “a reasoned report to the Vice-Minister of culture.”

According to the source, Medina decided to increase the budget allocation within Ministry of culture after the scandal caused by the criminal case of embezzlement of budget funds in the process of restoration of monuments of history. In the case is Deputy Minister of culture Grigory Pirumov, who in March of this year was detained by field investigators of FSB, and then arrested.

Along with Pirumova investigators arrested five people: the Director of the asset management Department of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, Director Tsentrrestavratsiya Oleg Ivanov, Director of the company “Baltstroy” Dmitry Sergeev, managing company “Baltstroy” Alexander Kochenov and Advisor to the General Director of the company “Linnet-consult” Nikita Kolesnikov. According to investigators, the criminal group headed by Pirumova stole money during the restoration of Novodevichy convent, the Drama theatre in Pskov, St. John the Baptist monastery and Museum of Cosmonautics in Kaluga.

Earlier, the deputies of the state Duma complained to the TFR and Vladimir Medinsky and the actions of his subordinates to evict organizations from Moscow city centre, this scandal also figured Pirumov and Maso.

In July, after the appeal of the deputies to the security forces on conflict of interest in the Ministry of culture has left a post of the General Director of “Restoration companies” brother of the first Deputy Minister Andrey Aristarkhov. This structure received the orders of the Ministry in the autumn 2014 to March 2016, “the Restoration company” signed state contracts for restoration in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles.