Kiriyenko called the most likely successor Volodin, the Kremlin

The main candidate on a post of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, which oversees the political block of the Kremlin, is the CEO of the state Corporation “Rosatom”, the former Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko. This was told three sources close to the Kremlin, confirmed by the source in the government.

Press Secretary Kirienko Sergey Novikov said that the rumors did not comment. “This is the new version,” — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

The current curator of the political bloc Vyacheslav Volodin was elected to the state Duma and, most likely, will be the speaker. On Friday, President Vladimir Putin appealed to the leaders of parliamentary factions with a request to support the candidacy Volodin to the post of Chairman of the lower house. Party members idea Volodina publicly supported.

Besides Kirienko likely candidate for the place Volodina interlocutors previously called the head of the public projects of the Kremlin Pavel Zenkovich, Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobiev Director of VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeev, and Secretary of the Public chamber, co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front Alexander Brechalov.

Most likely, none of them will become the curator of the political unit, now often talk about Kiriyenko, said the source close to the Kremlin.

The General Director of state Corporation “Rosatom” Sergey Kiriyenko started his career in the Komsomol, was the Minister of fuel and energy, and in 1998 long was the acting head of government. He became the youngest Prime Minister in the history of the Russian Federation, taking the post in 35 years. At the time of his Premiership was the default. After retirement, he became one of the leaders of “Union of right forces”, which went to the state Duma under the slogan “Putin for President, Kiriyenko to the Duma”.

From 2000 to 2005 he was Kiriyenko, presidential envoy to the Volga Federal district, and then became the head of “Rosatom”. The Corporation is considered close to the interests of his brothers Kovalchuk, said the source close to the Kremlin. Mikhail Kovalchuk is headed by important industry Kurchatov Institute.