Paris urged Russia and Iran not to be “complicit in war crimes”

According to Ayrault, “the Assad regime has clearly chosen the path of military escalation,” writes Le Figaro.

“Therefore, I appeal to his supporters, Russia and Iran, to demonstrate responsibility and to put an end to this strategy, which has led to a deadlock. Otherwise Russia and Iran will become complicit in war crimes committed in Aleppo”, — said the head of French diplomacy.

Ayrault added that “given the seriousness of the current drama in Aleppo” there’s no time to waste for a long period of negotiations, instead of to save people. “This is the moment of truth for all members of the UN security Council. My dearest wish is that everyone performed their duties,” added Ayrault.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson has accused Russia of prolonging the war in Syria. “Russia is guilty of delaying this (Syrian. —) the war and makes it even more horrible,” he said. In the case of attacks on humanitarian targets in Aleppo,” said the head of the British foreign Ministry, “we have to look, whether it’s with the knowledge that this perfectly innocent civilian targets”. In this case, the shelling a “war crime,” added Johnson.

On Sunday, September 25, appointed an emergency meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in Syria. To its convening urged the US, Britain and France, who believe that the military operation of the Syrian army in Aleppo violates the agreements reached earlier.