Savchenko proposed to give “special status” all of Ukraine

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko believes that the special status is necessary to provide separate regions of Ukraine, and to register it correctly for the whole country. This opinion was expressed Saturday on air of the Ukrainian TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The special status — it can be no for Donetsk, Donbas and Lugansk. It needs to be spelled out correctly for all Ukraine”, – said Savchenko. In her words, Ukraine “is long overdue the time of decentralization, it was the Maidan”.

Savchenko explained that back then people were opposed to all funds was concentrated in the hands of one who was at that time President Viktor Yanukovych. “Now, I think, don’t want the funds concentrated in the hands of the incumbent President”, — she explained.

Savchenko called to amend the Constitution, providing “more self-government to the people.”

The MP stressed that such a move will suit the Donbas, and “thrown the Russian abroad, will close the interstate border and will bring order and harmony in the country”. “So this may not be a special status for any one region. Because tomorrow we will provide a special status of Volyn region, then the region, then Odessa, and went on”, she added.