Insurers will no longer sell insurance policies on the old forms

Insurance companies from 1 October will no longer sell insurance policies on the forms of the old sample is green, instead they will send them on new forms, according to the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) and the Russian Union of insurers (VSS) Igor Jurgens. His statement is on the website of RSA.

According to Yurgens, 30 September will be entered into the latest agreements on the old forms, they will act within a year from the moment of conclusion. If the car owner wants to make changes to the agreement, the company will do it on the new form.

The old forms of policies they discontinued August 1. RAMI together with Goznak has provided insurance companies with a sufficient number of forms of the new sample, to October 1, the insurance contracts were concluded only on them, said Yurgens, stressing that the suspension of the companies because of an insufficient number of forms were not.

According to RSA, one block is about 10 million contracts insurance, but in the fourth quarter there may be more, as in full force operates a single agent RAMI in problem regions, while the companies themselves are increasing their own sales on the recommendation of the Union. “PCA has provided this factor in the production of new forms,” said Jurgens.

Purple instead of green

Background of the forms of the new sample became purple. Now it shows the graphic shapes and the color introduced stretching between the yellow, pink and lilac flowers.

Have a double layer forms color tear-off portion became purple. Changed the font, size and location of watermarks: on clearance at the center of the visible image of the car vertically on the sides — logo RAMI. Also changed the size and location built in the form of metallic threads, it will be seen the inscription, insurance, and clearance — “Polis”.

The fight against counterfeits

Replacement of forms is part of the struggle of the RSA fraud in the auto insurance market. A draft form of the insurance policy of the new sample was approved in April. At the moment insurers have 14.5 million forms of the new sample, said RAMI. During the transition period, which began July 1, the company used approximately 3.5 million new forms for the conclusion of contracts or amendments to existing policies. After the transition period, companies will have to make an inventory of the old forms, to destroy them and account for this to the PCA.

Experts estimate that Jurgens brought on 26 September, now the number of counterfeit forms are in the hands of car owners grows. The head of the RSA stressed that the black market is not counterfeit forms of the new sample.

The Union suggests that the quality of counterfeit forms of the new sample with new watermarks and an approved configuration — will leave from one year to two years; Goznak — that the forgery of new forms can appear in circulation not earlier than in half a year.

Jurgens reminded that from 1 January next year all insurance companies will be obliged to sell electronic insurance policies. “This is also part of the fraud, because innovation will reduce the circulation of paper forms”, — he stressed.