Kobzon called the financing of the Crimea “a burden”

State Duma Deputy from the Zabaykalsky region Iosif Kobzon at the meeting with journalists of Chita, which was held on September 26, called the financing of the Crimea “a burden”. About it reported the edition “Zabmedia”.

“We took on the burdens — the Crimea. A native Russian territory, but which we are funding out of our meager Russian budget. This affects sectors such as health, education, culture and other important areas”, — quotes the edition of Kobzon. According to the MP, the authorities should pay attention to cultural development, which is also from the budget spent, in his opinion, little. Due to lack of funding in the cultural sector are widely spread alcoholism, drug addiction and crime, he said.

September 18, Kobzon was re-elected to the state Duma on the list of “United Russia”.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 following a referendum in which, according to the election commissions, the majority of respondents were in favour of secession from Ukraine and joining Russia.

After the annexation of Crimea to Russia Kobzon signed an appeal of culture of the Russian Federation in support of the policies of President Vladimir Putin in relation to Ukraine and Crimea.

In July 2014, Latvia banned Kobzon entry to the territory of the country, explaining that the singer has contributed to undermining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. In the autumn of the same year, Ukraine has made Kobzon in the list of Russian cultural figures, denied entry to the country.

Kobzon, a native of Donetsk oblast, said that he “spit” on the prohibition of the security Service of Ukraine to enter the territory of the country.

Several Ukrainian cities, an honorary citizen which was Kobzon was stripped of the title, and the city Council of Dnipropetrovsk banned Kobzon to sing the official anthem of the city.