Moscow said the lack of spins in the direction of MH17 from the DNR

The chief of radio engineering troops of the Russian aerospace defence forces major General Andrew Coban was at the briefing said that the Russian radar complex “Utes-T” were not fixed approximation of any aerial objects from the Eastern regions of the Donbass Boeing 777 flight MH17 shot down in Donetsk oblast Ukraine July 17, 2014.

“In the period preceding the collapse of the liner, the approximation of any air access from the Eastern side, including, from the village of Snow isn’t revealed”, — quotes the Coban “Interfax”. According to him, the Russian primary radar would have noticed a rocket if it was released on the Malaysian “Boeing” from the area to the East of the crash site.

“If the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by a missile fired from any district located on the East point of the disaster, it would have been discovered by the Russian primary radar,” said the General. In addition, said Koban, “the technical capabilities of the Russian means of objective control does not allow to conclude whether produced missile launch from areas that are South or West of the point of catastrophe”. “To clarify the situation with the missile launch from the territory controlled by the APU, would satellite images, the existence of which claimed American and Ukrainian side,” — said the military.

Further Coban made a conclusion about the possible involvement of Ukrainian military attack on MH17. “The fact that Ukraine has still not released information from radar, suggests that the location of the missile launch, if it was “Buk”, located on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian forces”, — he said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).