Poroshenko accused Putin of failing data words

President of Ukraine Poroshenko in conversation with the lead CNN with Fareed Zakaria, which aired in the evening of 25 September, commented on the statement of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party Donald Tampa about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump said earlier that the Russian President is a strong leader.

According to the newly-fallen snow, he “wanted” to Putin was a strong leader, but the Russian President “keeps his word” that a strong leader is not typical.

“When I had the opportunity to speak with him a decade ago, Putin was a different man. Putin in 2014-2016 — a completely different person. If you reach any agreement with him now, it means nothing. Because he keeps his word. This feature is not a strong leader. Because a strong leader is a responsibility, it’s a bright future for the country, it means keeping your word. A strong leader must be able to carry out reforms and make the lives of its people better. In this understanding a strong leader, I wish Putin was a strong leader,” said newly-fallen snow.

Answering a question, whether Putin is lying to him ever personally, Poroshenko said: “Sometimes he doesn’t keep the word, that’s for sure”.