Yahoo! announced the theft of data 500 million users

Yahoo! announced the theft of data 500 million users

Moscow. September 23. American Yahoo! reported that in 2014 in the Wake of a major hacking attack was the stolen personal information of at least 500 million users.

This applies to information about the names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted passwords, as well as “unencrypted secret questions and answers”, which were used for additional verification of access, reported the press service of the Internet company. Access to data about credit card hackers not received.

In Yahoo assume that the hackers had the support of the state.

It is the largest cyber attack in history, which was announced publicly. The FBI has confirmed that it is investigating the hacking.

The first information about the abduction of user data Yahoo appeared in the summer of 2016. This happened after a hacker posted on the Internet an offer to sell access to user accounts.

Yahoo encouraged all users to change their passwords if they have not yet done with 2014.

In July of this year, Yahoo was sold to American telecommunications giant Verizon for $4.8 billion.

Representatives from Verizon said the “bi-Bi-si” that he learned about the burglary “in the last two days and while they have little information, but added that the investigation is ongoing and to the end to comment on the situation, the new owner of Yahoo will not.

In a statement, Yahoo said that state-sponsored hacker attacks and break-ins have been happening in the technology industry increasingly.

“Yahoo may be under scrutiny by regulatory bodies, the media and the public, and rightly so. Corporations cannot hide data breaches, and they should solve the problem. Let’s hope the ink is under a contract with Verizon already dried up,” said Vice-President of the company Covata dealing with cybersecurity, Nikki Parker.