At the debate, Clinton accused Russia of cyber attacks on USA

During the debate in the town of Hempstead, Clinton said that cybersecurity is the biggest challenge for security in the modern world. According to her, there are independent hackers who do what they do out of commercial considerations, and there are state players. “Russia has used cyber attacks against the United States,” she said.

“Donald is very praises of Vladimir Putin, but Putin is playing a child’s game,” said the candidate of the Democratic party.

“We must be clear: whether Russia, Iran or China, we will defend ourselves,” promised Clinton.

“Say clearly: we don’t want to use the instruments we have, do not want to use these other military ways, but we will protect the citizens of this country, and the Russians must understand this,” said Clinton.

She also stated that she was surprised that trump has invited the Russians to hack into American servers.

Trump said in response that hack servers could both Russia and China, and it is unknown who did it.