CNN has awarded a Clinton victory in the first debate with trump

The first debate of the presidential candidates took place in Hofstra University, located near new York city. The debate lasted 90 minutes. During this time, the candidates talked about how to return prosperity to America, in which direction the country should develop and how to ensure its safety.

Clinton was forced by trump to defend himself, CNN writes. She was former first lady exuded confidence and declared his readiness to be President: “Donald criticized me for what I was preparing for the debate. And Yes, I was prepared. But you know what else I’m ready? I am ready to be President.”

How to return jobs

In the first segment of the debate, opponents outlined his plan to prosper US. “We need to build an economy that is good for all, not just those at the top who” began his speech with Clinton. According to her, the key element of the economy should be the average business. In this economic system as a whole needs to be more honest: women should be equal salary must be provided paid sick leave, the minimum wage should be raised.

Trump, answering the first question immediately reminded me about one of his main campaign promises — to stop the outflow of manufactures from the United States, to return to the country of jobs due to changes in already concluded and effective international agreements on trade. “Our jobs are fleeing the country to Mexico. Look at what China is doing with our country, they devalue their currency,” he repeated one of his most popular slogans. He repeated that the agreement on free trade with Mexico and Canada (NAFTA) was a mistake and should be reconsidered. Clinton agreed with this, pointing out, however, that she was always against this Treaty. She also agreed that the country needs fair trade relations.

Specific indicators that the country needs to achieve during his presidency, trump called.In his opinion, to ensure the economic prosperity can be achieved through the creation of barriers to the withdrawal of production overseas and reducing government regulation. For the opponent’s figures and criticized former Secretary of state. Citing experts, it said that the economic plan of the card will increase the national debt by $5 trillion and lead to another recession, while it will create 10 million jobs.

The allies have to pay

Although during the debates the opponents had to say about how to ensure the security of the United States, this issue was given the least amount of time. The first leading question was the question of how to ensure cyber security. Hillary Clinton used it to attack trump for his “child’s play” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the candidate of the Democrats, trump is such a game, calling on Putin to hack American servers. That a series of recent break-ins is Russia Clinton no doubt. “Russia has used cyber attacks against the United States,” she said.

“We must be clear: whether Russia, Iran or China, we will defend ourselves <…> let’s Say clearly: we don’t want to use the instruments we have, do not want to use these other military ways, but we will protect the citizens of this country, and the Russians must understand this,” said Clinton.
Trump said that it was unclear who was behind the attacks: it could be Russia, China and other players, and then switched to cyber threats from ISIS (terrorist group forbidden in Russia).

Clinton used the subject of ISIS in order to remind voters that she intends to be stricter in its policy towards the group. In her opinion, it is necessary to fight terrorist leaders, as she had done as Secretary of state that led to the murder of the leader of al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden. He was killed in the first presidential term of Barack Obama, as Secretary of state was still Clinton.

According to Clinton, Iraq, ISIS may be defeated in the course of the year, and the presence of terrorists in Syria can be reduced.

Trump tried to blame Clinton is that with her the situation in Iraq is out of control. However, the former Secretary of state said that the terms of withdrawal of American troops from Iraq claimed the previous US President — Republican George Bush.

His speech on foreign policy, Clinton also used in order to assure allies around the world that if she is elected President, all the agreements with them will be executed. She stated after trump criticized NATO because the Alliance gets the protection of the United States, and he does not fulfill obligations, including financial. To pay for protection, according to the Republican candidate, needs Japan.

Mutual attack

Speaking about the economy, Clinton said that Donald trump started his business with, that took his father’s $14 million “My father was a simple businessman, he sewed the curtains and everything was done by hand,” – said the candidate.

Trump did not disclose the amount that he got from his father, calling it “little”, on which he built a billion-dollar company.” He also acknowledged that his campaign is not just used to avoid unnecessary payments, but always did it by the law.

Trump not once in the debate pointed out that Hillary Clinton had the opportunity long ago to fix it, so she held various government posts. “While I was Secretary of state, we increased our exports, including 50% in China” – gave Clinton an example of their work.

The discussion that caused the revival of the audience, was the question of the disclosure of tax deductions trump. Clinton reminded that he still has not released his tax returns. “I don’t mind to publish. I’m in the process fought trump, later admits that doing it is not legal advice, but without stating the reason. According to Clinton, her opponent is afraid to publish the Declaration, as his constituents know that he is not as rich and not as generous as he speaks of himself. From it people can also know that trump does not pay Federal taxes, that is not financed by the army, the education system and other areas that call for yourself is important in this campaign, suggested Clinton. Trump, in response, promised again to release it and switched the topic to the scandal with e-mail rivals, as the Secretary of state used private mail account, although it was forbidden. “I admit my responsibility,” Lex said Clinton.

At the end of the debate the host asked, does trump remains that Clinton can’t be President. Trump said that she misses her vynoslivost. “He can speak about exposure, only if given 11 hour testimony, in Congress on the events in Benghazi), or if had spread to 122 countries,” retorted Clinton.

It also reminded him of statements about women, which trump compared with pigs, and the pregnancy is called an inconvenience for employers. In response, trump lamented the fact that the headquarters of Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars spent on advertising against him. “This is not good and I don’t deserve”, he concluded.

However, despite the differences at the end of the debate, both rivals pledged to recognize the victory of each other in the election on 8 November.