Iceland condemned the approaching aircraft of the Russian air force with civil liner

The foreign Ministry of Iceland confirmed message that two Russian bombers on Thursday was flying close to the passenger plane. The corresponding statement contains in the written reply of the Ministry Morgundbladid the newspaper, who had reported the incident.

With reference to the NATO report, submitted to the authorities of Iceland, Ministry of foreign Affairs also reported that Russian aircraft in question was the Tu-160 (NATO — Blackjack Tupolev), and not Tu-22M, as reported Morgundbladid.

According to the report, according to the newspaper, the Ministry of foreign Affairs has repeatedly criticized the Russian aircraft flying unmarked near Iceland in recent years and made relevant statements to the Russian authorities.

The foreign Ministry of Iceland again will protest after the incident with the Tu-160, mentioned in the text.

The representative of Embassy of Russia in Reykjavik Alex Shadskiy, in turn, said Morgundbladid that the danger from the incident was exaggerated. “It’s just propaganda to say that the Russians are flying without him [transponder] because NATO planes also fly without it,” he said.

On the convergence of two Russian strategic bombers with a passenger plane EN route from Stockholm to Reykjavik, Morgundbladid reported yesterday, citing informed sources.

The newspaper clarified that the incident occurred on September 22. The bombers were at a distance of 88 km from the Icelandic of the plane when controllers had warned the commander of the airliner of their approach, ” the newspaper wrote. It was also noted that planes named Tu-22M flew off the transponders.

Later, the Icelandic pilot of the aircraft said that he saw two bomber in the window of the cabin, and they, according to him, were located approximately two kilometers from the passenger liner, and then flew under it.

The official representative of the RAF stated that the Typhoon fighters were raised on September 22 to intercept two Russian Tu-160 bombers and accompanied them while they were “in the zone of interests of the UK”.