Launched in White sea missile “Bulava” self-destructed in flight

The underwater cruiser of strategic appointment “Yury Dolgoruky” on September 27 from the White sea performed a volley of two Intercontinental ballistic missile “Bulava” on the Kamchatka Kura test site, said the Russian defense Ministry. One of the two missiles self-destructed.

“Both of the rocket staff came out of the mines of the submarine along a predetermined path. Combat units of the first missile performed the complete cycle of the flight program and successfully hit the targets set on the ground. A second rocket after the first stage of the flight self-destructed”, — said the press service of the defense Ministry (quoted by “Interfax”).

Russian solid-fuel missile “Bulava” is designed to arm the nuclear-powered strategic missile project “Borey”. Missile system able to carry up to ten hypersonic maneuvering nuclear blocks of individual guidance.

Since the beginning of the test, “Bulava” was launched 21 times, eight attempts of the launch was in disrepair.

Last unsuccessful start of “Mace” took place on 6 September 2013. Then during testing of nuclear submarine “Alexander Nevsky” the rocket staff came out of the launch container, but in the second minute of flight there was a failure in the onboard system. After this, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has suspended the five additional launches of Bulava. The source of the edition “Kommersant” pointed out that the state Commission under the leadership of commander of the Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov, engaged in the investigation of the incident concluded that the cause of the launch failure could be a manufacturing defect.