Moscow has published the text of agreements with the U.S. on Syria

The Russian foreign Ministry has published several documents that form the agreement with the US on joint action in Syria. This is stated in a press release published on the website of the foreign Ministry.

The foreign Ministry noted that in recent months, Moscow and Washington have actively sought ways to “return to peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria on the basis of the liberation of its territory from terrorists.” After numerous rounds of consultations, the parties were able to reach an agreement which expanded the provisions of the February statement on the truce. September 9, Secretary of state John Kerry and foreign Minister Sergei Laramie agreed in Geneva on a plan consisting of five papers. The parties did not disclose details of the agreement, this was due to security reasons.

“Every time we offered to immediately make each disclosure document, as of its approval. However, the American partners that has consistently opposed, has raised many questions about the sincerity of the US”, — said the foreign Ministry. The Ministry also drew attention that the us authorities still failed to implement the disengagement of militants “Islamic state” and Jabhat al-Nusra” (banned in Russia) from the opposition.

The Ministry said that after the leaks in the Western media, the state Department posted on the website “a partial collection of documents, not bothering to agree with us the date of the publication. In this regard, the foreign Ministry decided to publish the texts of these agreements in Russian. In Moscow called to publish all the documents. We are talking about the mandate of the Joint Executive center, “where Russian and American military experts must work together to define goals and coordinate sorties”, and the Annex to the document dated 9 September, which identified a mechanism for monitoring highway South of Aleppo”.

The Russian foreign Ministry has published in Russian three documents: “Standard conditions and procedures necessary to ensure the cessation of hostilities” (entered into force on 28 March 2016), “a practical Approach to us-Russian efforts in the fight against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra” and the strengthening of the cessation of hostilities (15 July) and “Reducing the violence, restoring access and the creation of SIG (from 9 September).

In the first agreement lists the conditions necessary to ensure the cessation of hostilities and defined the parameters of cooperation between Russia and the United States as co-chairs of the International support group in Syria. The second document regulates the work of the Joint Executive of the centre, in which Moscow and Washington had to coordinate actions for a joint fight against “Islamic state” and Jabhat al-Nusra.” The third agreement, signed on 9 September in Geneva on the establishment of the ceasefire on 12 September, as well as the action for the dissociation of the opposition fighters.

Last week, the Associated Press published one of the agreements that were part of the Geneva deal. “It is strange that it was done this way and the document is being published, for example on the official site of the state Department and the foreign Ministry… Instead was given a leak. But it is in the style of our American colleagues,” — said the foreign Ministry.

In the United States have repeatedly stated that Washington considers the details of the Syrian deal “too sensitive” to bring them to light. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, admitted that the US refuses to publish, since “the world community will become clear who and what really does not”.