Quartet Duma: United Russia” have shared the posts in the Parliament

On Monday, United Russia held consultations with the opposition in the Duma by the posts of chairmen of committees. Following the talks, the ruling party got half of the committees (13 of 26), said the leader of the faction Vladimir Vasiliev. In particular, United Russia remained the most important committees on the budget and state-building, constitutional, civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation. The latter resulted from the merger of the two committees after the President of one of them (on constitutional legislation, United Russia, Vladimir Pligin, has not passed in the Duma.

In the Duma of the sixth convocation was 30 committees, “United Russia” controlled 15 of them. In the seventh Duma in addition to the Committee on state building of the party in power will go to: the Committee on education and science (formed by the merger of two committees); on natural resources, property and land relations (it was three different Committee); transport and construction (there were two of the Committee); ecology and environment; culture; defense; budget and taxes; on rules and organization of work of the state Duma; health; security and anti-corruption; on energy; on nationalities.

Consultations on candidates for the posts of Chairpersons of all committees will be held, he told reporters Vasiliev. Earlier it was reported that the joint Committee on state construction and legislation, headed by Pavel Krasheninnikov (previously was the head of the Committee on civil law) and the security Committee — the former Deputy head of the Russian Investigative Committee Vasily Piskarev.

Another important Committee for international Affairs, received the liberal democratic party. Party “not one convocation was trying to this Committee,” said Vice-speaker Igor Lebedev. According to him, the post of Chairman claiming the current head of the Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Slutsky. Slutsky is not a novice in international politics: his participation in the Crimea after its accession to Russia twice visited the French parliamentarians Slutsky also participated in all the negotiations of the state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin, parliamentarians on the lines of the PACE and OSCE.

Last week with a request to give the Slutsky this Committee to President Vladimir Putin asked the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. His candidacy was supported by the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov. Vladimir Putin said that the question on appointment of the head of the Committee should be resolved by the deputies.

In the state Duma of the sixth convocation of the international Committee was headed by the United Russia party, Alexei Pushkov, who lost the party primaries and did not participate in the elections.

The liberal democratic party increased from four to five the number of committees headed by its deputies (having the smallest fraction in the Duma of the sixth convocation, at the seventh party after the elections, was third with minimal interruption from the Communists).

It will get also joint Committee on industry, economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship, the Committee on local government, Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs. The latter can be headed by the current Chairman of the Committee for public associations and religious organizations Yaroslav Nilov, said the source in the faction. Retain the party Committee for sport.

The liberal democratic party decided Monday his candidacy for the post of Deputy speaker will be Igor Lebedev, said the source in the faction. The Communist party will offer the post of first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma incumbent Ivan Melnikov, said earlier Zyuganov. “United Russia” on Saturday at the joint meeting of the Supreme and General councils of the party decided that the first Deputy speaker will be Alexander Zhukov, deputies will be Irina Yarovaya (still headed the security Committee), Peter Tolstoy (broadcaster, elected to the first Duma), and Vladimir Vasiliev, and Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov. All leadership candidates will be approved by voting at the first meeting of the state Duma, which will take place on 5 October.

The Communist party of the batch agreement has received the Committee on CIS Affairs. “We did everything in order to restore the connection with his native Belarus and to peacefully solve the problems in Ukraine,” — said Zyuganov. The Committee can be headed by first Deputy head of Committee on international Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov, said a source in the faction. In addition, the Communists will head the committees on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations on issues of family, women and children, on agriculture, on regional policy and problems of North and Far East. In the Duma of the sixth convocation, the Communists were six committees in the new Duma, they will lose the defense Committee, which was headed by Vladimir Komoyedov, not ispravila in the new convocation.

“It’s not quite what was expected,” said a source in the party. Earlier, Zyuganov said that the Communists want to retain the Committee on natural resources, land relations, issues of ownership, defence and industry. “We, of course, “nice” that the LDPR will now be responsible for many key areas such as social policy, industry, innovative development”, — said the interlocutor in fraction of the Communist party.

The smallest faction in the new Duma, “Fair Russia” has left a three of the Committee, headed by the deputies of the committees on housing (Galina Khovanskaya) on the financial markets Anatoly Aksakov), and on information policy Leonid Levin). All the proposals that were expressed by the party, were taken into account, said the first Deputy head of the faction Mikhail Emelyanov. Lost party committees and family science.

United Russia gave other factions a lot of committees, considering how many they received mandates (all 104) to buy their loyalty and to share with them the responsibility for our bills, said the opposition Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Dmitry Gudkov, not ispravila in the new convocation. “If we follow the proportional principle, in the new Duma, which turned out to be virtually a one-party, the Communists and the liberal democratic party had to give two of the Committee, and “Fair Russia” — one. But in this case they could get out of control,” he explains.