The Guardian announced the findings of the investigators about the death of Boeing in the Donbass

An international investigation team to investigate the accident flight MH17 will probably come to the conclusion that the plane was shot down by a missile “Buk” fired from territory controlled by militias in the East of Ukraine, reports The Guardian, citing anonymous diplomats. According to these sources, the report will indicate the exact location in Google maps, which shows that the launcher was located near the settlement of Snow.

The publication did not specify which diplomatic sources have provided this info as well as where they are aware of the findings of the investigation.

The international investigation team includes representatives of the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, Belgium and Ukraine. It collects information on alleged perpetrators of the crash. On Wednesday, the group must publish its findings, which will form the basis for a possible criminal case.

On Monday, the defense Ministry said that the Russian technical surveillance have not detected missile launches from the area controlled by the militia. According to the chief of radio engineering troops of Air and space forces major General Andrew Coban, the data received from the radar complex “Utes-T”, located in the Rostov region.

“In the period preceding the collapse of the liner, the approximation of any air access from the Eastern side, including from the village of Snow, not discovered,” said Coban. He noted that “the technical capabilities of the Russian means of objective control” not allowed to set the location of the missile launch. “To clarify the situation with the missile launch from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian forces [the Armed forces of Ukraine], would satellite images, the existence of which claimed American and Ukrainian side,” added Coban.

The Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines, EN route flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in Eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014. When a plane crash killed 298 people on Board. Most of them were citizens of the Netherlands.

The flight route passed over the areas of the fighting between the militia and the APU. Both sides laid blame on each other for the shooting of the passenger plane. The security Council of the Netherlands, was investigating the causes of the crash, came to the conclusion that the airliner was hit by a missile fired from Buk”. This structure was not involved in the finding of guilt in the incident.

In the summer of 2015 was an attempt to create an international Tribunal to try the perpetrators of the destruction of flight MH17 under the auspices of the UN Security Council. The adoption of the resolution was blocked by Russia.