Whither America: what Clinton and trump argued in the first debate

About the economy

Clinton: “We need an economy that creates new jobs, economy, future-oriented. <…> I want to do more to support those who are torn between work and family. We need to enter paid leave”.

Trump: “We have to re-negotiate that other countries are not stealing our jobs. They flow away to other countries. Companies leave our country.”

About the opponent

Clinton: “He (trump) calls me nevynosimo, but look at this man called the women pigs, mud and dogs.”

Trump: “Our country was in a difficult economic situation due to the fact that politicians like Hillary Clinton make the wrong decisions. The current recovery in the economy — the smallest since the great Depression”.

.@HillaryClinton after Trump’s comment about her temperament: “Whew! Okay.” https://t.co/LFGeC7wIJD #Debates https://t.co/0bZczb87cv

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) 27 Sep 2016

Of racial discrimination

Clinton: “the law is the same for all. But all must respect the law. And it does not depend on which area you live.”

Trump: “African Americans and the Spaniards living in hell. They may be shot while walking”.

About the middle East crisis

Clinton: “We are making progress… and we hope this year will drive the extremists from Iraq and let’s box them in a vise in Syria.”

Trump: “Clinton all his life trying to destroy ISIS, but ISIS wouldn’t be alive if not for the actions of Obama and Clinton in the middle East)”

(* organization of “Islamic state” as terrorist and banned in Russia)

About Russia

Trump: “I don’t think that someone in Russia was involved in the hacking of the servers of the Democrats. She (Clinton) blames Russia, but perpetrators can be any dvuhsotmetrovy obyvatel sitting on my bed at home”.

Clinton: “We don’t want to use the instruments we have, do not want to use these other military ways, but we will protect the citizens of this country, and the Russians should understand that”.

Of fairness to the voters

Clinton: “Maybe he (trump) is not so rich, as claimed, or not generous enough. I think he’s trying to hide something important. The American people deserve to know the truth. I don’t think he will publish his tax return. What he’s hiding?” (Trump is the first candidate in history who refused to publish his tax Declaration )

Trump: “I will release my tax returns as soon as she (Clinton) will release the 30 thousand emails that had gone missing from her e-mail”. (Trump recalls the case when Clinton was accused of using personal email for correspondence)