“Buk” from Russia: how Western media covered the report about the death of MH17

The investigation into the death of flight MH17 of Malaysia Airlines under the leadership of the Netherlands came to the conclusion that the plane was shot down by a missile brought from Russia and fired from territory in Eastern Ukraine held by Pro-Russian rebels, writes the Financial Times. The newspaper reminds that we are talking about the most difficult of the Netherlands disaster by number of victims. Of the 298 victims, 193 were Dutch.

Report of the Dutch investigators was released after more than two years after the Malaysian plane was shot down in Eastern Ukraine, reminiscent of The Wall Street Journal. The publication drew attention to the words of the investigators that the installation used to launch rockets, after the incident returned to Russia. Relatives of victims were angry at the slow pace of a criminal investigation and that the perpetrators, the criminals are still not installed and not put on trial, notes the WSJ.

The New York Times writes that the rocket launcher was brought from Russia at the request of the militia and was sent back the same evening. The newspaper mentions telephone conversations, intercepted the night before the incident in which the militia, according to an international investigation and demanded to give them the Buk missile system to defend against attacks from the Ukrainian aviation. Also was intercepted response in which they promised to provide the required the same night.

The investigators did not directly accuse Russia of aiding and abetting the crime and refused to publicly name any suspects, reports The Washington Post. Moscow and militias have denied involvement in the Downing of flight heading in July 2014 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, emphasizes the publication. WP reminds you that the venue for a possible trial, was also not selected and believes that the outcome of the court probably in a greater degree will depend on diplomatic efforts, not from the evidence collected.

Bi-bi-si recalls that in the two years since the disaster, Russia has introduced several different versions of the incident. Four days after the incident, 21 July 2014, the Russian defense Ministry presented satellite photos and other images, which showed that the aircraft was shot down by a Ukrainian missile or Ukrainian or fighter.

In June 2015, Russia’s Investigative Committee announced that he has a “key witness”, “the Ukrainian aircraft”, which claimed that the Boeing was shot down by a Ukrainian su-25. In October 2015 manufacturer SAM “Buk” company “Almaz-Antey” has said that the aircraft was shot down by a missile the old versions, which no longer is in service with the Russian army. The latest version from September 2016 has been provided by the Ministry of defence and stated that on the basis of the radar station MH17 was shot down by a missile but launched from the territory controlled by militias.

Bloomberg after the publication of the report of the International investigation team wrote that the Kremlin has not responded quickly to a request for comment. Also declined to comment Igor Girkin, with whom Bloomberg has been contacted by phone, and who led the militia during the period when the disaster occurred. The Agency added that investigators did not mention the timing of the completion of the investigation, saying he will continue “unabated”.

British The Telegraph notes that the report of the investigators also raises the question of the role of the Kremlin and the specific units of the Russian army and leads to the continuation of the diplomatic squabble between Moscow and the West. The newspaper reminds that British investigative journalism website Bellingcat has previously provided the investigators with evidence that, in his opinion, talking about the involvement in the disaster of the 53rd air defense brigade of Russia. Also, the paper mentions a lawsuit filed in may by the European court of human rights on behalf of the 33 relatives of victims when falling Malaysian Boeing, which on the basis of the only evidence referred to the responsibility of Vladimir Putin.

It seems highly unlikely that Moscow will allow to extradite the suspects from Russia so that they appeared in court, writes The Guardian. The newspaper notes that it remains unclear where such court is held, assuming the obvious that such a process should take place at the international criminal court in the Hague.

German Die Ziet said that Russia again denied any involvement in the plane crash and blamed the disaster Ukraine. The publication gives today’s statement by the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, who said that the new data of the Russian radar showed that the plane shot down the missile was launched by militias.