Kiev saw in the report on the MH17 evidence of Russian involvement

As stated in the international environment Commission (JIT) investigating the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass in July 2014. Anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, which was hit by the plane was delivered to Ukraine from Russia and later returned back. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry in its commentary, the name of a new element of the investigation information about the route installation “Buk”, from which the rocket was fired, came from Russia in the area of the city Snow Donetsk region, and then were taken back across the border that is not controlled by the Ukrainian army.

“This again points to the direct involvement of the aggressor state to attack on the aircraft,” — said in a statement. According to Kiev, the report “put an end to all attempts of Russia to discredit the work of JIT”.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that in the near future the case of the Boeing crash can be referred to the court. In Kiev at the same time advocated the establishment of an international Tribunal under the auspices of the UN security Council, reminding that Russia has opposed the creation of such a body.

Earlier Wednesday, the international Commission investigating the crash of the Boeing 777, said that the missile launch was conducted from near the village of Pervomayskaya. After launch, according to the investigators, “Buk” was returned to Russia through the Snow, Debaltsevo and Lugansk.

At the press conference were shown recordings that testify to the fact that on 18 July the installation on the tractor had already left the territory of Ukraine. Russian authorities said earlier that rule out the strike at Boeing from the territories controlled by the militias.

The chief of radio engineering troops of the Russian aerospace defence forces major General Andrew Coban on Monday, August 26, told reporters that the Russian radar complex “Utes-T” were not fixed approximation of any aerial objects from the Eastern regions of Donbass to MH17. The Russian military suggested that the attack could have been caused by Ukrainian law enforcers. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called the findings of the Ministry of defense an undeniable fact the innocence of the militia to the death of Boeing.

Moreover, the investigators pointed out that while it was unclear whether the strike on Boeing’s intentional or this is an error. The international investigation also don’t know yet acted if the crew of “Buka” on the orders or on his own initiative. It is known that the transmission and installation service were involved 100 people, but their identity is not established.