Reuters found out about the hacking of phones of members of the democratic party USA hackers from Russia

The FBI is investigating a hacking attempt on mobile phones of members of the US Democratic party, which occurred last month, told Reuters four sources knowledgeable about the attack and familiar with the investigation.

The news Agency believe that the attacks may be linked to hackers, “supported by the Russian government.” They reported that, the possible target of the attack was disruption of the presidential elections in the US on 8 November.

The FBI reached out to several members of the Democratic party, whose phones could be hacked, to discuss this issue. They were also asked to hand over their phones so investigators can study it. It is unknown how many people could be affected, and whether targets for hackers and members of Congress.

The Agency, citing one of the interviewees noted that, if the attack was successful, the hackers could obtain a wide range of data: mobile phone numbers, information about calls, text messages, emails, photos, etc.

The source also told Reuters that investigators are checking, could hackers use the stolen data from the servers of the democratic party, or personal correspondence, to obtain access to mobile phones.

The FBI has not yet commented on these reports. The headquarters of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton stated that they were not aware of the possible hacking of mobile phones. The national Committee of the Democratic party has not responded to the request of the Agency.

This is not the first case when US intelligence agencies believe that Russian hackers could be involved in the hacking of servers and portals Democratic party. The scandal around the situation with the attacks on the Democrats broke this summer.

The first cyber attack was aimed at the national Committee of the democratic party. After that, WikiLeaks has published letters and documents related to Clinton. Of them indicated that the staff of the party was plotting against the ex-participant of presidential race, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders. The leaked documents led to the resignation of party leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Subsequent attacks were aimed at fundraising Committee that supports candidates for the U.S. Congress from Democrats on the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton.

The democratic party accused of hacking into Russia. Clinton also blamed hacking for the Russian secret services. On Wednesday during a debate with her opponent from the Republican party, Donald trump, she stated that “Russia has used cyber attacks against the United States”.

However, the source of The Wall Street Journal, who called himself Guccifer hacker 2.0, rejected claims that he is related to Russia. It is believed that the person responsible for hacking the networks of the democratic party.

Moscow also denies involvement in cybertelecom. Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Bloomberg denied these assumptions. According to him, hackers often disguise “their activities with the activities of any other kind of hackers from other areas, from other countries.”