Sberbank reported a record growth of consumer loans

The volume issued by Sberbank of consumer loans in August was the largest in two years, said the Director of Department of retail non-transactional products Sberbank Natalia alymova. Last month, Sberbank has issued to citizens of 80 billion rubles, 10 billion rubles. more than in June and July.

“This is a continuation of the trend for a recovery in demand for consumer loans,” — said alymova. In may the savings Bank has lowered rates on consumer loans (average of 1.1-1.4 p. p.). After that, is noted in the savings Bank, the number of applications from customers increased by 15%. In mid-July, the Bank launched a special promotion for borrowers a number of lending programs.

Total first 8 months of 2016, the savings Bank issued consumer credits for the sum more than 500 billion rubles, which is more than 1.5 times more than in 2015. According to the report, the company, on September 1, the portfolio of consumer credits of the Bank amounted to 1.39 billion rubles.

The recovery in the retail banking market mark and other parties. VTB 24 retail loan portfolio since the beginning of the year increased by 8%. “August was the first month, the results of which loan portfolio of natural persons has not decreased, but increased in comparison with the beginning of the year. I am confident that before the end of the year it will continue to grow”, — said the President of VTB24 Zadornov in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

He also noted improvement in the payment discipline of borrowers. “People are much better paid on loans. This is the paradox that not all understand — we ourselves did not expect the crisis,” — said the banker.

The representative of Bank home Credit Stanislav Druzinski said that in January-August the volume of loans unsecured loans to citizens increased by 18%. “The situation on the market improves, inflation slows down, real wages of the population have practically ceased to fall. Customers feel that the peak of the crisis passes,” he explains.

The Central Bank is concerned about the growth of retail lending. “We are concerned about the risk of possible rapid growth in unsecured consumer lending, which may slow down the process of reducing inflation,” — said in mid-September, the head of the regulator Elvira Nabiullina. According to her, the too rapid credit growth may create risks for financial stability. CB Chairman noted that in 2012-2013, managed to avoid this scenario. “We did not say” — promised Nabiullina, adding that the consumer crediting should grow at a rate close to the growth rate of incomes.

waiting for data from other retail banks.