The head of the Ministry of health saw in restricting abortions threatened women’s health

Withdrawal of abortion from the compulsory health insurance (CHI) could pose a threat to women’s health. This was stated on Wednesday by the Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova, answering the question TASS about the possibility of withdrawal of abortion from the system.

“There are certain nuances associated with possible promotion of abortion in the shade, especially for those individuals who have a low income, underage girls, which happens to be this situation. Our goal is that the introduction of some restriction does not lead to an increase in maternal and infant mortality,” — said the Minister of health.

Skvortsova said that the Ministry of health is against abortion, but recognized the need to consider the risks despite the total ban on this procedure. The Minister recalled that in the period of a complete ban of abortion in the Soviet period, maternal mortality has exceeded 320 persons per 100 thousand population, and now the figure — 10.

In may 2015 Elena Mizulina, who was then a post of the Deputy of the state Duma, introduced a bill with an initiative to exclude abortion from the MLA. Now she became a Senator. The speaker of the Federation Council criticized the initiative of Mizulina. “These extremist proposals, bearing prohibitive, will lead to disastrous consequences,” she said.

On the eve of Patriarch Kirill signed an open appeal of the all-Russian public movement “For life” and the movement “Orthodox volunteers” on the prohibition of abortions in Russia and contraceptives with abortive effects. Later, the head of the Patriarchal press service Alexander Volkov priest explained that the head of the Patriarch signed the initiative on the complete prohibition of abortion in order to draw attention to the initiative of Mizulina, who previously offered to take abortion out of the system.