The Kremlin called an undeniable fact the innocence of the DNI to the deaths of MH-17

The evidence Peskov called “irrefutable facts”.

“There are irrefutable facts. In this case it is important to draw conclusions, given the recent information that has been published, namely the primary radar data, which recorded all flying objects that could start or be in the air on the territory controlled by militias,” he told reporters.

The press Secretary added that “the primary evidence is a picture that carries a lot of information of a technical nature”. He explained that his colleagues later answer the question, “why did it take time to form that this new package of information.”

Peskov’s statement came the day, when he should be announced the results of the international investigation team, which for two years has investigated the circumstances of the collapse of the Malaysian Boein 777 near Donetsk on July 17, 2014.