US thinking about “non-diplomatic answer” to the failure of the truce in Syria

The U.S. government discussed undiplomatic responses to the breakdown of the ceasefire in Syria. This was announced Wednesday at a briefing a press-the Secretary of state Department of the USA John Kirby, reports Reuters.

What options are being discussed, Kirby said. According to him, the us officials involved in interagency discussions relating to national security, and discussed other options, “not revolving around diplomacy”, in response to the situation in Syria.

Kirby earlier said that the head of the American foreign Minister John Kerry in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov voiced the threat to stop work together in Syria. According to him, Kerry said that Russia should aim to stop an offensive in Aleppo and restore the ceasefire. In a statement, Kirby also noted that the Secretary of state expressed serious concern over the deteriorating situation in Syria and said that Washington considers Moscow is responsible for what is happening.

The Russian foreign Ministry in turn said that during the conversation, Lavrov and Kerry both expressed their deep concern about the situation in Syria. Lavrov told his American counterpart on the fact that anti-government groups that Americans believe the “moderates” refuse to follow the agreement to consolidate the truce and act side by side with terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra.”

“The need was stressed for early implementation of the longstanding commitment of the United States about the disassociation focused on Washington opposition groups from terrorist groups and non-connivance to extremists”, — reads the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry.

The situation was aggravated in Syria on Thursday, with the resumption of hostilities in Aleppo. Over the weekend the worsening situation in Aleppo was obidelas at an emergency meeting of the UN security Council. It the US and Britain criticized Russia, and assigned to it the blame for the failure of the agreement on the ceasefire. In the Kremlin, commenting on these statements, called unacceptable rhetoric the US and the UK against Russia on Syria.

On the eve of the official White house spokesman Josh earnest admitted the introduction of new sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Syria. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the statement of Ernest in the Kremlin caused a profound misunderstanding.