Who shot down Boeing: the basic version of the crash of flight MH-17 in the Donbass

Wednesday, September 28, the public Prosecutor’s office presented a report on the criminal investigation of the crash Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines in Ukraine, which is leading an international Commission.

Technical report

The results of the first technical investigation was published by the Office for security of the Netherlands (Dutch Safety Board, DSB) on 13 October 2015. A preliminary report DSB has consistently rejected all alternative versions of the tragedy — from falling “space junk” to attack MH-17 other aircraft. The investigation has not found in actions of crew error, and found no technical failure of aircraft components. Picture of the wreckage and the nature of damage cladding indicates that Boeing pierced “a large number of objects with high energy”. The Agency noted that analysis of data is ongoing.

Later in the first part of the final report on the technical investigation of the tragedy, the experts concluded that the Boeing was struck by a missile with warhead 9H314M. These warheads are mounted on missiles 9M38 (there are on arms of VS of Ukraine) and 9M38M1 (available on weapons, the armed forces), used anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMS) “Buk”, “Buk M1” and “Buk M1-2”. Thanks to data about the type of warhead, the researchers were able to pinpoint the site of the explosion of the projectile is above and to the left of the cockpit. The missile launch site restricted area 320 sq km.

Independent of DSB consolidated group of researchers (JIT Joint Investigation Team) has confirmed that it agrees with data provided by DSB. Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke, who heads the investigation of the JIT, called the version with the missile launch from the territory of the breakaway Lugansk people’s Republic “most reliable”.

Published in July 2015 American intelligence photographs from the satellite indicated that the launch was carried out from the territory controlled by the militias. This is evidenced by ATO map posted on the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on the day of the crash Boeing.

Photos in social networks

DSB within the technical report does not attempt to identify the perpetrators of the plane crash. However, in February 2016, the international expert and journalist group Bellingcat) presented the report “MH-17 — of potential suspects and witnesses from the 53rd anti-aircraft missile division. In it the authors pointed out about two dozen soldiers, who, according to Bellingcat, participate in the transfer of Russian air defense system “Buk-M1” on the territory of Ukraine. Judging by the photos from social networks, videos, eyewitnesses and analysis of the individual characteristics of combat vehicles (contour armor plates, hull), transportation complex was committed by soldiers of the second division of the 53rd anti-aircraft missile division of Kursk.

Investigators stated a fighting machine, which was delivered to the territory of Ukraine, controlled by militants of the breakaway republics. According to the report, this launcher with the serial number 3×2. The average number of individual rooms were filled to complicate the identification of the machine.

Bellingcat has also named a number of officers with high probability, are responsible for the transportation of launchers complex “Buk-M1”. The decision on the transfer of technology, according to the investigators, was taken at the highest level. According to investigators, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his first Deputy Valery Gerasimov and Arkady Bakhtin could not know about the transfer of combat vehicles. In addition, Vladimir Putin, “exercising command of all Russian troops,” is also responsible for the fall of the MH-17 case “was used “Buk 3×2” sums up Bellingcat.

In response to the report of the Ministry of defense reported that none of the standing on the Russian armed forces “Beech” the Russian-Ukrainian border crossing.

In may Bellingcat published a second report on the crash of MH-17. Bellingcat was able to identify possible room fighting vehicles – 332. Bellingcat has forwarded JIT. The representative of the Dutch Prosecutor’s office VIN de Bruin announced that the group intends to seriously study the materials Bellingcat.

Russian version

The Russian side has proposed several versions, but two years later the main was left alone. Malaysian plane was shot down by the army-controlled Ukrainian territory, according to the defense Ministry. This version in July 2014 was designated by the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff Andrey Kartapolov. As evidence, Kartapolov brought satellite images showing the movement of one of the launchers “Buk” the Ukrainian army.

This version is confirmed by the studies of the manufacturer of the Buk — concern “Almaz-Antey”. According to specialists of the concern, the launch occurred from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army near the village of zaroshchens’ke. It was this town in June indicated Kartapolov. This information contradicts the map of the fighting, posted on the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

This week, September 26, the head of Radio-technical troops of Russian air force Andrew Coban told reporters that the radar complex “Utes-T”, based in Rostov region, recorded the work of the Ukrainian air defense in the area of the crash. According to Coban, “Utes-T” were not fixed in the air of objects from the territory controlled by militias.

Other versions

Visually at the briefing along with the Coban, the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov also said that next to the flight MH-17 there were no other aircraft. These findings completely contradict the information in 2014 Kartapolov gave reporters. The officer then reported that the Russian radars not only recorded a Ukrainian air defense, but also noticed in the area of the tragedy of the attack aircraft su-25 Ukrainian air force. Despite this, the version with the involvement of the Ukrainian aircraft have long been treated by the Russian media.

In December 2014, on the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published an interview with the “secret witness.” He told the newspaper that he personally saw the day of the tragedy from the airport in Dnepropetrovsk was raised a Ukrainian su-25 with two missiles “air-air”. After the departure of the “witness” found the rocket on the suspension of the missing plane. According to the interlocutor, manual, piloted su-25 captain Vladislav Voloshin. The BBC talked to the captain in may 2016. That day, no flights were not, said the pilot edition.

Also, the Russian media pointed out that air defense troops of Ukraine carried out military exercises on the day of the tragedy. This was in July 2014, citing a source in one of power departments of Ukraine” has informed Agency “RIA Novosti”. Later, the Ukrainian defense Ministry denied the information about the exercises.